A Collection of 999 generative IM RICH NFT's on Solana, for the RICH.
Having these exclusive NFT's will give you a chance to win the most prestigious NFTs on Solana blockchain.

Our goal is to build an interactive and trusting community where everyone wins. IM RICH NFT collection is the first of many collections that we are going to publish.

For each collection 40% of all earnings will be returned to the community by the NFT giveaway events. These NFTs will be chosen by holders' votings and bought freshly from marketplaces with their floor price. These events will take place every week for 10 weeks for each collection.


Road Map

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4

999 IM RICH NFTs ready to mint on Solana Blockchain. Secondary market listing on Magic Eden exclusively.

  • How to Mint?

    You can use "Phantom Wallet" extention. The mint button on the left bottom side is going to redirect you to the minting page when minting start. In the minting page you can connect your Solana(SOL) wallet and start minting.

  • How many IM RICH are there?

    There will be 999 "IM RICH" NFTs.

  • What is the cost of each IM RICH NFT?

    1.5 SOL.

  • Why should i hold?

    "IM RICH" NFTs will reward you with many prizes every week and especially if you have not got any prizes yet, don't worry your NFT's will have higher chance of winning a reward.

  • What is my chance to win giveaways?

    Each IM RICH NFTs have LUCK. Each IM RICH NFT have same probability of winning a prize in the giveaway raffles in the beginning. The probability of winning of each IM RICH NFT will be updated and published after each giveaway. More LUCK means you have more chance to win the raffles. The LUCK system is explained more in detail in our discord channel.

  • Marketplace listing?

    "IM RICH" NFTs will be available on Magic Eden when we are sold out.


    WEDNESDAY, 6TH OF APRIL, 2022 at 19:00 UTC


IM RICH is a collection of 999, 3D rendered gif NFTs.

Having these NFTs will put you in the prize pool for the giveaway events.

Built on the Solana blockchain.